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15 Bola Sonoiki Street, Off Ramat Crescent, Ogudu GRA, Ogudu, Lagos
Tel: +234 1 7416 622.


Welcome to Omnicom...

Omnicom Solutions Limited is a Telecommunications support service provider for 2G and 3G networks covering GSM, CDMA and Wimax technologies. Our portfolio of services includes:
RF Network, Satellite & Microwave Transmission Network Design
and Engineering Services Roll Out ManagementNetwork Audit & Benchmarking


At Omnicom our philosophy is to continuously seek the best ways to optimize, streamline and boost your network and your business for profitability and sustainability. We treat each customer as an individual with his own unique needs, culture and constraints. We work with the customer in achieving a more efficient, effective and seamless rollout of his network.

Omnicom Solutions has operations in Nigeria and Ghana, offering communications services providers the full breath of our business portfolio in both regions.